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How To Avoid Acne Scatters

Acne scars can occur outside of any manipulation of the lesions, especially when the pimples are deep, painful and inflammatory. The best is to act very early, as soon as a button of this type appears, to avoid an unsightly mark. The strategy will be to limit the inflammation of the lesion; Dermatologist cincinnati proceed in different ways.

At the beginner stage: you feel a big button will hatch. There is a small hard, painful lesion, not yet very visible, but you feel it. It is essential to avoid blowing up this button: at this stage there is no pus, so you risk frightening yourself when nothing will come out of this damn button. And you can make things worse. The best thing is to try to limit the inflammation by regularly applying anti-inflammatory care. The pencils stop-buttons clay, erythromycin gel … toothpaste help a lot to de-ignite. Avoid irritating substances such as alcohol or disinfectants, as they will strip the skin and may create redness and spots.

At the fully inflammatory stage: the button is hard, visible, a white tip appears. You have to resist the temptation to speed things up by manipulating the button. Of course, you may be able to break through it, but it is at this point that the risk of hollow scar is the biggest. In addition, fiddling with this button may cause new buttons around. If you have the impression that a cyst is forming, you should consult dermatology quickly: the prescription of antibiotics or the incision of the cyst are to be discussed. Dermatologist cincinnati treat this easily.

At the stage where the button decreases: leave it alone! If there is a crust, do not tear it away, it might leave a red or brown mark. The application of non-greasy sunscreen can be useful in summer to avoid stains on matt or dark skins. These are few tips from dermatologist cincinnati.

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